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The vision was the redefinition of bartending through science.
MoMix started as a crazy idea of ​​two young men, Aris Chatziantoniou (bartender) and Thodoris Koutsovoulos (dj Diodoro). In times of deep recession and crisis in mid-2012 it decided to open a bar with items molecular anameignyologia (Molecular Mixology). The risk was high because the focus viosimotitas facing difficulties in business level, mainly due to the reduction in the purchasing power of the public and overtaxation.
the ominous predictions say that the Athenian audience will hardly digested. Faith was great and the desire for something new, new, fresh and ambitious led to rapid growth. The objectives reached and entered new higher.
Aris Chatziantoniou created a unique product and was able to apply it productively in conditions of a common bustling bar. Endless hours of research and interaction with scientific staff gave progress the idea and background to the product. The Greek academic community embraced the effort and acknowledged innovation, and gave step through workshops, conferences and lectures in institutions such as the University of Athens – Chemistry Department, Agricultural University of Athens – Nutrition and Metabolism Section, Athens Science Festival, OTTEK.
The project also complementary innovations designed by Theodore Koutsovoulou as o custom handmade lighted cube illuminated with shaking as the shaker, and each side lists the different categories of the menu, the MoMix app for smart devices devices. The recipe is topped by a large group of partners and employees who are dedicated and consistently leading the MoMix on top.
One year after the inauguration of MoMix Bar Kerameikos (23/11/12), the project has spread in the southern suburbs of Attica 01/09/14 inaugurated MoMix Bar Glyfada.
In early 2015 the founders decided to create a space for the implementation of a dream is a laboratory, which will analyze and plan the development of MoMix.
MoMix Innovation Team (MIT) inspired and acts in scientific, research and professional level. Many events in Greece and abroad have given experiences to consumers but also to the members of MIT, as the audience enjoyed a rare dining experience and the group learned about running a presentation of Molecular Mixology process into mass production.
Partnerships with major Brands have given quality to the product and the benefits of MoMix. Sponsorings by companies such as Absolut, Havana Club, METAXA, Stolichnaya, Jagermeisterr, Marlboro, Heineken strengthen the corporate profile and foster innovation through synergies.
Team buildings, corporate and pop up events are unique experiences that highlight the essence of bartending and food technology. Memorable events was in London on the day of Halloween guests from Novikov group, in Mexico City guests of Olmeca tequila and Pernod Richard Mexico, in Munich’s diathni Intersolar exhibition where unedited moved philosophy and know-how to one-off events.
Also in the Opening of HnM Glyfada where 2,500 molecular cocktails prepared in three hours. Impressive was the cooperation with global attraction «Dinner in the sky», where 22 people were enjoying cocktails at 50 meters high seeing the Parthenon and Attica.