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MoMix’s strategic and development management analysis

Organisation, vision, objectives and competitive advantages

MoMix stands for Molecular Mixology.

The company provides solutions in food and beverage industry using the molecular science.

The company designs products and services offering to customers unique experiences based on molecular mixology techniques since 2012.

The organization collaborates with other companies in food and beverage industry providing solutions and share knowledge exported by MoMix Lab with purpose to enhance quality and decrease costs.

In addition, research and innovation are in daily purpose.

The vision of MoMix is the redefinition of bartending through science.

The company aims (mission) to be a leader in global food and beverage industry.

More specifically, the company’s objectives are designed so as to complete its mission regarding its vision. There are two lines of business, the laboratory and bars. Laboratory hosts activities such as research, education and development that helps company to enlarge its business and network. Bars are the outfit of the company.

The competitive advantage of MoMix is the combination between innovation and differentiation.

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