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Majuni Mastic

Bubble with Mastic liqueur, passion fruit, with an injection of Greek bittersweet Majuni liqueur

Strawberry Mass

Bubble with Liquor strawberry Absolut, Vodka vanilla and carbonated mastic foam.

Espresso martini

Bubble cocktail with Absolut Vodka ,coffee liqueur and vanilla, carbonated mastic foam

Passion for Midori

Bubble with Melon liqueur, maracuja sauce, sprayed with aged Rum

Chock Pie

Bubble with Banana liqueur combined with spiced Rum, crunchy chocolate sauce and biscuit

Smokey bub

Bubble with Coconut liqueur enhanced with peated Whiskey and mango chili sauce

Team Building Activity

Private team building activity offering an unforgettable experience! Be a mixologist and create cocktails using modern and molecular techniques in happy mood!

Total Experience

2 Cocktails from categories highlights, senses or classic recreation, 4 A-Bubbles, 4 Tubes, 2 Magic needles, 2 CO2 clouds, Pop Diversity, Punch Sorbet*, Saganaki in a pan *, Ποικιλία τυριών με φρούτα και ξηρούς καρπούς Delicatessen platter with cheese, fruits and dried nuts & seeds 100€ - 2 people (+45€ for 3 people) (Save 12-19€)

XL Large menu

2 Cocktails from categories highlights, senses or classic recreation, 4 A-Bubbles, 4 Tubes, 2 CO2 clouds, Pop Diversity, Punch Sorbet* or Saganaki in a pan* 70€ - 2 people (+30€ for 3 people) (Save 4-19€)

Large menu
Large menu
50.00 More ...

2 Cocktails from categories highlights, senses or classic recreation, 2 A-Bubbles, 4 Tube, 2 CO2 clouds, Saganaki in a pan* or Pop Diversity 50€ - 2 people (+25€ for 3 people) (Save 6-16€)

Medium menu

2 Cocktails from categories highlights, senses or classic recreation, 2 A-Bubbles, 2 Tubes, 2 Magic needles 40€ - 2 people (+20€ for 3 people) (Save 1-11€)

Día de los Muertos

Gourmet Cocktail with Olmeca ALTOS Reposado Tequila 100% Agave fat washed with olive oil and fresh black truffle in perfect balance with carrot cordial flavored with citrus fruits, spices and herbs

Touch of Midas

Sweet and sour Cocktail with "golden" Havana Club Añejo 3yo Rum flavored with Madagascar vanilla in combination with Italicus bergamot liqueur and edible flakes of 24 carat gold, carbonated with dry ice

Athens Nightfall

Sweet and sour Cocktail with aged Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum and Metaxa 7 Stars along with exotic fruit flavors and handmade ginger syrup, notes of spices and cinnamon. Served with a test tube flavored with passion fruit liqueur, Absolut Vodka and tropical fruit ‘‘pearls’’

Greek Delight (Loukoumi)

Favorite flavors of Greek delight in a sweet and sour Cocktail, Roots Mastic liqueur and rose liqueur enhanced with Absolut Vodka, aromas of cinnamon and plum in balance with lime. Bitter almond and vanilla foam sprinkled with "caviar" made of rose

Japanese Harmony

Sour Cocktail with Yuzu and lime, London Dry Gin together with Greek bittersweet Majuni liqueur in harmony with cucumber juice flavored with vanilla green tea and pink grapefruit. Served with ‘‘bubble’’ from Japanese melon liqueur

11.00 More ...

Sweet and sour Cocktail with Beefeater London Dry Gin, lychee and vanilla aromas, carbonated with dry ice and "caviar" from rose liqueur


Fruity dry Cocktail based on Beefeater London dry Gin, notes of ginger, taste of maracuja, aromas of dry French Vermouth and citrus. Serve with test tube flavored with Aperol, sour apple, cinnamon and strawberry "pearls"

Negroni del Professore

A Molecular Negroni Twisted with Beefeater London Dry Gin, Campari soaked in herbs, a mixture of 4 red vermouth and orange essential oils which is slightly carbonate using dry ice. Serve in a conical laboratory flask

Hugo’s Brunch

Polynesian Cocktail with extracts of aged Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum, mango flavor, citrus and vanilla aromas, served with "caviar" from melon liqueur

Dirty Paloma

Olmeca Tequila Reposado with grapefruit soda, light pepper honey and notes of elderflower, garnished with salt flakes of orange flavor and "caviar" from melon liqueur

Smurfs in a bubble II

Sweet and sour Cocktail based on Absolut Vodka, aromas of exotic fruits and vanilla, carbonated with dry ice, served with ‘‘bubbles’’ of blue curacao liqueur

Co2 cloud

Carbonated mastic foam enhanced with Beefeater 24, garnished with caviar from parfait amour, combined with aromatic spice powder Ενανθρακωμένος αφρός μαστίχας με Beefeater 24, γαρνιρισμένος με "χαβιάρι" από λικέρ τριαντάφυλλο

Saganaki in a pan

Sweet cocktail with Metaxa 12'' citrus and sweet spices quenched with orange liqueur.

Pop diversity

Small edible Cocktails, B-52, Strawberry Daiquiri, Negroni, Apple Martini, Alcohol Fruit Punch, as you have never tried

Magic Needles

Two Magic Needles with different cocktails , Pina Colada and Cherry Old Fashion in a dose.

Punch sorbet

Sweet and sour cocktail with exotic fruits, wine and Jamaican rum, transformed in front of you into ice cream.Interactive sweet and sour Cocktail with exotic fruits, Beefeater London Dry Gin and Roots Mastic liqueur flavored with Madagascar vanilla which transforms in front of your eyes into ice cream in an impressive “cloudy” environment of aromas

Free the Paloma

Bittersweet Mocktail with pink grapefruit soda, agave honey along with fresh grapefruit juice and oils, garnished with black Hawaiian salt

Mo Mai Thai

Sweet and sour mocktail with lovely taste of Mai Thai .Οrange and orgeat taste , dose of pineapple balanced with lime and carbonated lemon soda .Served with orgeat pearls.

Mountain Jasmin

Sweet and sour Mocktail with jasmine and vanilla aroma, fresh lemon and a mild taste of carbonated Mastic, served with mountain tea stick and melon ‘‘pearls’’

Sour Cocktail with Premium Malfy Gin Originale and orange aperitif, handmade Prosecco sparkling wine syrup, fresh lemon juice and white peach aromas, shaked with Italian meringue

Carpe Diem

Fruity Cocktail with Beefeater London Dry Gin flavored with rhubarb, orange liqueur and strawberry shrub (apple cider vinegar, strawberries, thyme honey, brown sugar), vanilla notes and plum aromas. Served with a strawberry "cooked" in alcohol

A refreshing twist Spritz Cocktail, slightly sweet and herbal with Italian sparkling dry wine and bergamot aperitif, Greek sage liqueur and handmade carbonated soda from Cretan pink grapefruits

Spicy Señorita

Spicy Cocktail with a mixture of Olmeca Tequila Silver and Reposado in combination with Aperol, passion fruit and fresh chili syrup flavored with cinnamon and pink grapefruit. Served with bitter handmade chocolate

Jack Sparrow

Frozen sweet and sour Cocktail with extracts of aged Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum, flavors of passion fruit, hibiscus and pineapple, served with sweet smoked pepper and garnished with a daiquiri in strawberry jelly texture

Walking Dead (Zombie)

Sweet and sour Tiki Cocktail with a mixture of 8 rums, ‘‘cooked’’ handmade spiced syrup and flavors of exotic fruits, bitter almond, cinnamon and pomegranate along with fresh citrus juices, spices aromas and grapefruit

Black Tuesday

Cocktail with Jameson Irish Whiskey gently flavored with black tea, vanilla from Madagascar, berry jam and notes of bitter citrus

Green – Witch

Fruity Cocktail with Absolut Vodka, taste of green apple liqueur, flavored with ginger and cucumber, garnish with “caviar” of melon liqueur

Bella Acido Passion

Sour Cocktail with Amaretto liqueur, flavored with passion fruit, plum and lemon bitters, shaked with Italian meringue

Sweet Aperitivo

Aperol, Apple liqueur, cinnamon and ‘‘pearls’’ with strawberry flavor

Transparent Margarita

Transparent Margarita with ‘‘pearls’’ of exotic fruits

Sour Apple

Absolut vodka with green sour Apple liqueur and grape flavored ‘‘pearls’’

Porn Tube

Absolut vodka flavored with vanilla, passion fruit liqueur and blueberry ‘‘pearls’’

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