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Molecular gastronomy & mixology

  Molecular gastronomy is a scientific discipline that investigates the mechanisms of phenomena, similar to ‘molecular biology’, occurring during the consumption or dish preparation. Gastronomy means knowledge about food. People have been confused about molecular gastronomy; according to Herve This, who is French physical chemist born in 1955, that happens because people ignore the difference..

MoMix’s strategic and development management analysis

Organisation, vision, objectives and competitive advantages MoMix stands for Molecular Mixology. The company provides solutions in food and beverage industry using the molecular science. The company designs products and services offering to customers unique experiences based on molecular mixology techniques since 2012. The organization collaborates with other companies in food and beverage industry providing solutions..

Spirits market and consumption patterns

The following analysis is a part of a research by Thodoris Koutsovoulos (co-founder) on 2018 for MBA final dissertation (CCCU) with subject : Innovation and new product development in spirits market   SPIRITS MARKET AND CONSUMPTION PATTERNS   This chapter presents an overview of the alcohol consumption patterns and spirits market trends in Greece and..

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