Delicatessen Meat Platter

Delicatessen platter with cheese, meat and plenty other flavors

Delicatessen Cheese Platter

Delicatessen platter with cheese, fruits and dried nuts & seeds

Brusket Variety

Brusket variety with fish fillets and pickles, layed with caviar, tuna or salmon sauces and garnished with balsamic vinegar pearls

Chicken Fillet Marinated

Chicken fillet marinated with dark beer, thyme and smoked salt served with two different sauces

Apaki fillets

Apaki fillets (smoked pork fillet marinated with vinegar and herbs) served with bourbon whiskey sauce, garnished with thymehoney and fresh pepper

Cooked Dates

Cooked Dates stuffed with roquefort wrapped in bacon

Dehydrated figs sprinkled

Dehydrated figs sprinkled with red wine served with fresh manouri cheese, garnished with caviar of balsamic vinegar

Fresh Mozzarella on a Stick

Fresh mozzarella on a stick with basil leaves, tomato and salt air

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