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MoMix Senses

  • 9€

    Sweet and sour fruity carbonised cocktail with Rum,flavors of maracuya , melon …

  • Vintage cocktail with irish whiskey,angostura bitters,tisane syrop,citrus scented …

  • Salty,sweet and sour, spicy cocktail with Tequila Blanco 100% …

  • Bitter cocktail ,Tequila Reposado 100% agave, flavors of orange …

  • 9€

    Hot cocktail with sweet grape extract and a combination of vanilla, walnut and orgeat

  • 9€

    Cocktail with mastic liqueur and vodka,combined with green pepper …

  • Twist on the classic Bloody Mary with earth tones and flavors of the …

  • Sweet and sour frozen cocktail with blend Rum,flavors of papaya …

  • Sweet and sour cocktail with sweet vermouth,raspberry flavor …

  • Amaretto sour,passion fruit and plum bitters flavors,combined with enhanced Porto meringue

Molecular Highlights

  • 10€

    Sweet and sour cocktail with Gin, lychee and vanilla ,served up with dry ice …

  • Sweet and sour cocktail with Vodka, green apple flavor inmpregnated with …

  • Polynesian cocktail, aged Rum infused,flavors of mango, orange and Madagascar …

  • Sweet and sour cocktail with Gin,filtered in lychee and hibiscus foam …

  • The absolut taste and texture of a kiss chocolate on a cocktail with Rum

  • Sour cocktail with Xellent Vodka,citrus and vanilla flavored, served up with dry ice and …

  • 10€

    Fruity, dry cocktail with Gin, infused with ginger root,flavors of maracuya and honey …


MoMix Pairing

  • A classic martini with Xellent Gin and dry vermouth …

  • 13€

    Havana Club 7 with aged Triple Sec, orgeat and plum bitters …

  • Ζελεδοποιημένο γλυκόξινο cocktail με βάση εκχυλίσματα από παλαιωμένο ρούμι.

  • Cocktail shot με εικόνα και υφή του κλασικού macaron. vodka, passion fruit vanilla lime.

  • 11€

    Premium Vodka cocktail,flavors of underground roots ,exotic herbs

Molecular Visions

  • 7€

    Sweet cream with Metaxa 12* “braised” with cointreau and sweet wine from Samos

  • Old fashioned ,margarita and classic daiquiri in gum form

  • Cocktails Pina-Colada, Cuba Libre, Blue Lagoon, Strawberry Daiquiri …

  • Palette of colors, flavors and molecular techniques ,consisting of jellyfied cocktails,combined with fizzy mastic foam and aged liqueur caviar

  • Two crunchy Brandy Alexander and two soft B52 served with …

MoMix illusions

  • Mixing the most special textures with intense flavors braised with …

  • A lipstick,a blush with a sponge and a cologne.

  • Sweet and sour cocktails poured into exotic or winter fruits

  • 10€

    Five cocktails-injections with different flavors and textures

Round About

  • Five cocktails-sweet sins, Biscottino Martini, Vanilla …

  • 10€

    Six twists on a classic negroni with Gin Gvine, Botanist …

A Bubbles

  • 4€

    Mastic liqueur with lemon curd

  • 4€

    Frangelico with milk caramel sauce and maracuya

  • 4€

    Cognac and banana liqueur with chocolate and biscuit crumbs

  • Tendura with soda mastic foam

  • Amaretto with lemon curd

  • Melon liqueur Midori with passion fruit sauce

  • 4€

    coconut with chilly ,mango and lemon sauce

  • 4€

    Vodka with bubblegum flavor

  • Coffee liquer and vodka with vanilla and cinnamon foam

MoMix Tubes

  • 3€

    mastic liqueur and dry vermouth, with lychee caviar

  • 3€

    green apple,cinnamon and lychee caviar

  • 3€

    white chocolate liqueur ,Gin and dehydrated cranberries.

  • with Limoncello,aperol and lime caviar

  • 3€

    enhanced with bourbon, vanilla with strawberry caviar

  • 3€

    ginger root flavored,dry vermouth and mango caviar